Ainley Geoffrey    (69A)

Allen Geoffrey    (69A)

Baerselman Jim     (69C)

Baldwin Roger    (69B)

Beggs Bryan    (69C)

Bennett     (69B)

Bevan Peter    (69A)

Buckham     (69C)

Caiger      (69C)

Chandler Robin    (69A)

Edmunds  Tony    (69C)

Edwards      (69A)

Evans Keith    (69B)

Feakes Richard    (69A)

Finch Ronald    (69A)

French Ronald    (69C)

Hayr Kenneth    (69A)

Hicks Martin    (69B)

Lees  James Richard  (69A)

Little  Peter    (69C)

Mayes  Hugh    (69C)

Mumford Anthony    (69A)

Mundy  Roderick    (69B)

Quaife Colin    (69B)

Seekings Michael    (69C)

Sills Brian    (69B)

Thornton John    (69B)

Tickell Christopher    (69B)

Trump Peter    (69C)

Walker Philip    (69A)

Webber David (69A)*

White Michael    (69C)

Yunus Mohammed    (69C)

* Killed in a flying accident whilst at the College..

Vampire FB9: after overshooting final turn, line up was corrected but low and slow: over runway a/c encountered wake from leader & on overshooting nose rose sharply, with a/c flicking to starboard, with wing striking ground, rolling onto back and sliding inverted.  Buried Cranwell Churchyard

Commandant : Air Cdre H. Eeeles CBE                Graduation Reviewing Officer Right Honourable George Ward MP  (Secretary of State for Air)  

69 Entry        28 April 1954 - 9 April 1957


Dickie Lees, Rob Chandler, 'Taff' Walker,  Peter Bevan (RNZAF), Ken Hayr

E Flight 3 Squadron 69A & 70A

Standing- Colin Truman (70A), Pete Bevan (69A)

L-R Tony Ettridge (70A), Taff Walker (69A), Ken Hayr (69A), Dave Cowley (70A)

Front - Rob Chandler (69A), Nigel Bacon (70A), Dickie Lees (69A)

Taff Walker, Pete Bevan, Ken Hayr, Rob Chandler


Dickie Lees

SUO Dickie Lees  &Vampire FB 9

Dickie Lees

Dickie Lees

Cadet Crew on the Provident, Island Cruising Club Salcombe

Front Row

???,Taff Walker 69(A). Jim 'Dickie' Lees (69A),???,???,???,

Gloria the Cook, Skipper Dick


Chris Tickell(69B),???, ???, Jim Baerselman,???

Back Row

???, ???, ???

Dickie Lees

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If so please let us know:


Jim Baerselman, Royal Air Force 1954-76. Pilot, test pilot, test pilot trainer and later Chairman Tornado Cockpit Group.









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