76 Entry        9 January 1957 - 15 December 1959

Commandant : Air Cdre D. F Spotswood CBE, DSO DFC ADC      Graduation Reviewing Officer General Sir Francis Festing GCB KBE DSO ADC

No 76 Entry mustered on 9 January 1957 69 strong.  It was augmented with 5 that were transferred from  the 75th at which point the roster stood at:

Of this 39, 23 were Pilots and 6 Navigators in the General Duties Branch, 6 were in the Equipment Branch and  4 in the Secretarial.  In their service they reached the following ranks: 2 of Flying Officer, 8 Flight Lieutenant, 13 Squadron Leader, 8 Wing Commander, 5 Group Captain, 1 Air Commodore, 2 Air Chief Marshal (Sir Michael Graydon Chief of the Air Staff from November 1992 to April 1997  being succeeded by Sir Richard Johns who was in post until April 2000.

For their services to the Royal Air Force they were each awarded a KGCB and a CBE, the latter honour being  accorded to 3 others.  One OBE was bestowed and 3 AFCs.

The Entry’s total commissioned service was in the order of 1020  years.

Since graduation the Entry has lost the following 11 :

In operational flying accidents (both also mid-airs): 

Johnny Hulland (Canberra in Germany) on 15 Jan 62 and Ewan Perreaux (Red Arrows Gnat at Kemble) on 20 Jan 71 

And through natural causes: 

Ewan Hunter: 03 Jan 87     Mike O’Herlihy: 06 Oct 99       Bob Gardner: 15 Jun 91       Steve Howells:  05 Sep 06 

Paul Billinge: 03 Feb 11      Mike Porter:   13 Aug 11       Peter Maitland:  21 Mar 13     Brian Potter: 18 Oct 13 John Horsfall: 09 Jul 15

Frank Styles 20 Aug 16

Which leaves 27 survivors.  With the addition of  those that commissioned elsewhere together with “Associate”  Members ie mostly those that did not graduate nor commission at all (including an Emeritus Professor of a  renowned University) the total on the cards for Entry Reunions totals 37 – 1 living in Australia, 2 in the United  States, 1 in Italy.

So representative of that continuing contact:

The occasion was marking the Entry's 55th Anniversary of Graduation and was its ninth reunion. The first in 1994 was for both its 35th of Graduation and the appointment of one of its members as CAS (its first one that is!). The seven in between have been for every fifth anniversary of entry and of other graduation anniversaries).

16 that were 76 Entry graduates,

  2 joined with 76 but graduated with the 77th,

  1 graduated from an Air Navigation School,

  1 did not graduate,

  plus Gp. Capt James Hunter son of the late Ewan Hunter of 76C

  plus Simon Johnson IOT 83 son of Martin Johnson

The Entry is accordingly looking forward to marking its Diamond Anniversary of formation at the Annual Reunion in 2017.

Entry Coordinator:Peter Symes     PJSymes@aol.com

A Squadron: 25

Barringer  Mike    

Billinge Paul  

Coriat  Hugh  

Evans Mal  

Geach Robin  

Graydon Michael

Horsley Chris    

Howells  Steve  

Hulland Johnny  

Jennings  Paul  

Kennedy  Mike  

Kingston Tony

Lawrence David  

Littlefair David  

Pelling Johnny  

Porteous  Tom    

Porter  Mike  

Potter   Brian  

Read Larry    

Sinclair  Ian  

Smith  Mike  

Styles  Frank  

Taylor Nigel    

Tavender  Ian  

Wood Chris


C Squadron: 23

Colwell  Pat  

Davis Jim  

Dorrett  Ian  

Harrington  Paul,  

Herbertson  John,  

Herd  Duncan,

Hooper  Tony,  

Horsfall  John,  

Hunter  Ewan,  

Johnston  Ben,  

Keeling  Peter,  

Laver  John,

Maden  Bruce,  

Maitland  Peter,  

Maxwell  Tony,  

Nowell  Jerry,  

O’Herlihy  Mike,  

Phillips  Alan,

Phillipson  Don,  

Pope  Roger,  

Preston  Roger,  

Trowern Bob,  

Waddington Dick.

B Squadron: 26

Baird  Peter  

Ballands  David,  

Coulson  Tony,  

Cunliffe  David

Gardner  Bob  

Glennie  Gordon

Green  Chris  

Holmes  Roy  

Hutchinson  Ian  

Johns  Dick  

Johnson  Martin  

Jones  Andy

Lucking  Rick  

Martin  Ian  

Maule  Malcolm  

Packman  David  

Parkin  Colin  

Pearson  Tony  

Perreaux  Euan  

Price  Jeremy

Simmonds Peter  

Stoner Richard

Symes  Peter  

Walters  Jon

Weddle  Ian

Wigmore – “Walter”/Ian

Then, over time, 6, mainly retreading specialisations, filtered into the 77th.  Peter Baird was tragically killed solo in a Piston Provost on 21 Jul 58 and Peter Keeling dual in a Vampire T11 (mid-air in the Cranwell  circuit) on 31 Jan 59.  7 were commissioned elsewhere eg at Air Navigation Schools, 20 were, or self,  'chopped', leaving  39 to graduate on 15 Dec 59.