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47 Entry      7 January 1947 - 27July 1949

ACM The Viscount Trenchard GCB GCVO DSO DCL LLD

From 1923 Beamish attended the RAF College, Cranwell as a flight cadet and he went on to be Commandant in 1949.

U/O T R Gush (47B)

Lord Trenchard)

B C Mills (54B)

A H P Cornish (53B)

Commandant George Beamish(2-23)

Timothy Gush was killed in a 201 Sqn Sunderland MR5, along with his Nav Fg Off Anthony E Doran 23, Flt Eng M/Eng Thomas I Boddy DFM 37 (ex-7 Sqn Pathfinder in 1943),  and LAC John K Rothwell 19.

After  alighting off the Eastbourne coast in a heavy swell, the a/c bounced and dived into the sea. Four were killed but eight others escaping without injury,

Atkinson  Jan    (C)

Bayne Thomas    (A)

Bennett Thomas    (C)

Brown Hugh    (B)

Chamberlain Norman    (A)

Danton Malcolm    (A)

Everett Robert    (C)

Francis Clive    (B)

Furze Robert    (A)

Gain Kingsley    (C)

George Robert    (C)

Gush Timothy    (B)

Guthrie  David    (A)

Hemming Edward    (A)

Herrington John    (C)

Le Gresley  Ian    

Lee Geoffrey    (C)

Lovell John    (B)

McAfee Denis    (B)

Miller Michael    (A)

Mitchell Michael    (A)

Mossman George    (B)

Palmer John    (A)

Petheram  Christopher    (C)

Phillips Barry    (C)

Price Henry    (A)

Price Robert    (B)

Raw Robert    

Rendle Brian    (B)

Scott Charles    (B)

Strover  Paul    

Taylor Lionel    (A)

Walker Christopherer    (C)

Waudby Michael    (B)

White Derek    (B)

Williams David    (B)

Worthington  Paul    (A)

Wright David    (C)

non-bold did not graduate