63 Entry       1 May 1952 - 14 December 1954

Commandant : Air Cdre H. Eeeles CBE CB CBE,                  Graduation Reviewing Officer Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roderick McGregor GCB DS LLD


Jonathan Hutchinson

Colin Phillips outside Hut 142, practising to become CAS:

Jonathan Hutchinson

Here are three of 63 Entry post-graduation:  Bev Kent, Jonathan Hutchinson and Richard Goldring at Driffield doing the Jet Conversion Course early in 1955

Jonathan Hutchinson

The span of my own flying career from schoolboy Flying Scholarship in 1951 to Mach 2 Squadron Commander in 1974.   From Wilbur and Orville to rocket ship in 20 years - what an experience to look back on (and bore the uncomprehending grandchildren with)!  Jonathan Hutchinson.

from left, unidentifiable shoulder (by subtraction probably Nigel Walpole), Barry Heywood, Joe Wright, Bob Snare, unidentified (possibly Roy Simons), John Waters,  Jonathan Hutchinson, Colin Richardson, John Pugh, Geoff Wallingford, Brian Tomlin, Colin Phillips







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Allison Denis    (61C)

Austin Kenneth    (63B)

Barrow Peter    (63B)

Bond Terence    (63A)

Bowden Brian

Campbell James    (63B)

Chandler Anthony    (B)

Craig Alistair    (B)

Craig  Alistair    (B)

Gawe     (63B)

Goldring Ruchard    (63C)

Gosling Edward    (63C)

Hall Leonard    (63A)

Herbert      (63B)

Heywood Brian    (63C)

Hollis Desmond    (63A)

Hutchinson Jonathan    (63C)

Iqbal Syed    (63A)

Jones Brian    (63B)

Jonklaas Michael    (63B)

Kent Beverley    (63A)

Marthews Michael    (63C)

McLeod Guy    (63B)

Millward Richard    (63A)

Moore Michael    (63C)

Parsons  David    (63B)

Phillips Colin    (63C)

Pugh John    (63C)

Scroggs Tim    (63B)

Serrell-Cooke John    (63A)

Snare      (63C)

Tomlin Brian    (63C)

Turner Basil    (63C)

Wallingford Geoffrey    (63C)

Walpole  Nigel    (63C)

Waters John    (63C)

Weeden Brian    (63B)

Welby Philip    (63A)

Wright Joseph    (63C)

non-bold:- did not graduate