92 Entry        28 March 1963 - 18 August 1967

Commandant :AVM I D N Lawson  CB CBE DFC        Graduation Reviewing Officer : ACM General Lyman L. Lemnitzer USAF (SACEUR)



Abdullah Ashathry

Tom Buckland

Colin Burns

Brian Dodd

David Green

Adrian Jones

Bob King

Ian Leckenby

Peter Martin-Smith

Keith Middleton

John Pugh

Iain Ross

Geoff Pilgrim-Morris

Rick Swann-Price

Graham Ivell

John Webster

Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul-Rahman

Ali Mardi


Chris  Abram

Alan Bryan

Jon Buckler

Mike Dyer-Ball

Keith Grumbley

Peter Jeffers

Len Marshall

Ian Miskelly

Max Roberts

John Snell

Mike Sparrow

Denys Williams

Mohammed bin Saad bin Abdul-Aziz

Bander bin Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz


Dave Bremner

Ian Brunton

Ray Condon

Ian Hartley

Bob Fishwick

Peter Keeble

John  Lawrence

John Roberts

Nick Spiller

Peter Woods

Shahid Khan

Faisal bin Abdullah bin Abdul-Rahman


Maurice Bennée

Dave Booth

Ted Boyle

Brian Clucas

Dave Diprose

Colin Funnell-Bailey

Chris Hubbard

John Philips

Keith McBurney

Syed Niaz Nabi

Graeme Ogilvie

Bern Perry

Martyn Rees

Dave Stanley

Steve Wakely

Graham Wright

Ali Daoud

RAF CLUB - 50th Anniversary of Graduation - 18 Aug 2017

A and C Flights. L to R. on the Aircraft.

Nick Spiller, John Pugh, Ian Leckenby, Abdullah Ashathry, Graham Ivell, John Webster, Ali Mardi, Bob King, Mohammad Abdullah(In cockpit).

L to R on the Ground.

Peter M-Smith, Iain Ross, QFI, Ian Brunton, Tom Buckland, QFI, Rick Swann-Price, 5 x QFI, Adrian Jones, Faisal Abdullah.

L to R on aircraft. Mike Dyer-Ball, QFI, John Roberts, Jon Buckler, Iain Ross, Graham Ivell, Len Marshall, Ian Hartley, QFI, Chris Hubbard, Keith Grumbley, Al Bryan.

L to R on the ground. QFI, Adrian Jones, 3 x QFIs, John Webster, Steve Wakely, Graham Wright, QFI, Nick Spiller, Tom Buckland, QFI.

B and D Flights.

L to R on the aircraft. Colin Funnell-Bailey, Peter Jeffers, Keith Grumbley, John Snell, Chris Hubbard, Syed Niaz Nabi. Graham Wright, Bandar Faisal, Maurice Bennee, Graham Ogilvie, Dave Stanley, Mohammed Abdul-Azziz, Ali Daoud. In cockpit Max Roberts.

L to R on ground. Len Marshall, 8 x QFIs, Jon Buckler, 3 x QFI’s, Chris Abram, 4 x QFI’s.


92 Entry Members - Died in Service

Graham Ivell - 92A

By 1976 Graham was back at RAF Valley as a QFI on the Gnat. On Friday 30th April 1976 Graham was flying with a student when their aircraft was involved in a mid-air collision with another Gnat from Valley. All four crew members of both aircraft died.

Deceased - 30 Apr 1976 - Folland Gnat T Mk1 - No 4 FTS

Rick Swann-Price - 92A

Rick was posted to 24 Squadron at RAF Lyneham. As the co-pilot on a Hercules, on 9th November 1971, Rick was on an Exercise in Italy, carrying Italian paratroopers from a military airfield near Piza, to Cagliari in Sardinia. The aircraft in which Rick was flying was fourth in a larger formation, flying at night. That aircraft crashed into the sea some four miles west of Livorno. All 52 onboard were killed. Rick is buried in the Thorney Island Churchyard.

Deceased - 9 Nov 1971 - Hercules C Mk 1 - 24 Squadron. Pisa, Italy.

"Jock" Webster - 92A

Jock was posted to 74 Sqn at RAF Tengah, Singapore. On 26th May 1970 he was flying on a low level (1500ft) lights out interception exercise, but did not return. The speculation is that he became so focussed on the radar that he failed to cross check his other instruments, and descended into the South China Sea.

Deceased - 26 May 1970 - Lightning F6 - 74 Squadron. South China Sea.

John Roberts - 92C

After a tour on 4 Sqn at Wildenrath John went to 233 Harrier OCU as an instructor. There, on 19 Jan 1976, his formation of 4 Harriers was re-attacking a target from different directions near Wardle, Cheshire, when his aircraft collided with another, also being flown by an instructor. Both pilots were killed. John was the first of three members of 92 Entry to die in flying accidents early that year.

Deceased - 19 Jan 1976 - Harrier GR3 - 233 OCU

Maurice Bennée - 92D

By 1978 Maurice was a squadron leader Flight Commander on No 33 Sqn at RAF Odiham. On the 30th January 1978, Maurice was flying a mission in a squadron Puma, XW205, in Norway. Part of the Puma 's structure, known was a fibreglass cowel, mounted on rails and fixed in place by two catches. On this flight, these catches gave way and the cowel tore off, destroying the tail rotor. The aircraft broke up and landed vertically onto a wooded hillside, near Voss, Norway, killing the three crew members. Maurice's body is buried in a military grave in Odiham Cemetery.

Deceased - 30 January 1978 - Puma HC1 - 33 Squadron

Chris Hubbard - 92D

On 23 July 1969, Chris was flying in Chipmunk WG488 with Mac McKenzie, a Flight Commander from his days at Valley, and now a QFI at Chivenor. The aircraft was on loan to No 229 OCU, the Hunter OCU, and Chris was being checked out on it by Mac. As part of the checkout, a spin recovery was required. Only it did not recover. The subsequent investigation revealed that the handbrake had interfered with the controls, and prevented full spin recovery action. Both crew members were attempting to vacate the aircraft when it hit the ground near Braunton, Devon. Neither of them survived.

Deceased - 23 Jul 1969 - DH Chipmunk T10 - 229 OCU

John Philips - 92D

On the night of the 10th May 1973 John, an experienced co-pilot with Intermediate Captaincy status, was seated in the LH seat of Victor SR2, carrying out a double assymetric landing at Wyton. Late on the approach to land, one of the pilots elected to overshoot and applied full power. The (hot) port engines responded immediately, while the starboard (cool) engines took some seconds to respond. This momentary asymmetric power, exacerbated by the strong cross wind, rolled the aircraft causing the starboard wing to strike the ground resulting in it cartwheeling and break up. None of the crew survived.

Deceased 10 May 1973 - 543 Sqn - Handlley Page Victor SR2

Steve Wakely - 92D

Steve's first tour was as a JP QFI at RAF Leeming. But after that he was posted to the Harrier OCU and then to 3 Sqn at RAF Wildenrath. Upon completing his tour in Germany he was posted back to the Harrier OCU as a QFI. It was during an exercise in Norway in March 1976, that Steve was killed in flying accident in the Norwegian Fjords.

Deceased - 12 Mar 1976 - Harrier GR3 - 233 OCU

Al Bryan - 92B

After his first QFI tour, he returned to the Air Defence role and flew Phantoms on No 29 Squadron from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, and he was on the first Phantom detachment to the Falklands in 1982. He was promoted to squadron leader and his last tour of duty was as deputy Chief Flying Instructor, back at the RAF College at Cranwell.

It was whilst there that Al suffered a brain tumor, and he died on 26 December 1989.

92 Entry - Members Departed After Military Service

Graham Wright                 ?

Peter Keeble              March 2013

Colin Funnell-Bailey 18 May 2014

Dave Bremner           18 Aug 2015

Mike Sparrow              29 Nov 2016

Tom Buckland           17  Sep 2018

Colin Burns               23 Oct 2018

Back L-R. Iain Ross, Dave Diprose, Peter Jeffers, Peter Woods, Dave Stanley, Ian Miskelly, Nick Spillier, Graeme Ogilvy, Ian Leckenby(partially hidden), Keith Grumbley, Syed Niaz Nabi, Len Marshall, Keith Middleton.

Middle L-R. Dave Booth, Ian Hartley, Denys Williams, John Snell, Colin Burns, Martyn Rees, Abdullah Ashathry.

Front L-R. Bernie Perry, Max Roberts, Dave Green, Mike Dyer-Ball, Geoff Pilgrim-Morris, Adrian Jones, John Pugh, Peter Martin-Smith.