Since March 2017, CA volunteers organised by  Ian Steward  have been restoring and cataloguing the contents of the College archive 'discovered' at the back of the library. This comprises some 40,000 items of varying historic value. That work was completed in October 2018.

The focus now is to utilise the content and to create a suite of albums - hard copy and electronic - that will graphically record the evolution of our College, decade by decade, recounting key personalities, events, training statistics and milestones that underpin our heritage.

During 2019, we shall be working alongside College HQ staff to plan and support the work for their 'Project College 100'. A chart presenting the progress we have made so far on our projects is published  here

We have already received some wonderful individual contributions from Cranwellians (former cadets and staff), to add to the suite of albums under way. However, we are always grateful for more and also, if you have the spare time, any support you can give to the projects that will be rolled out in 2020. So, do keep an eye on our web site for announcements and in particular the College 100 page which will go live in time for the Annual Reunion 2019.

"The Air Service service still flourishes; its health depends on a secret elixir of immortality which enables a body to repair its severest losses. The name of that elixir is tradition." - Professor Sir Walter Raleigh

Heritage Sec/CA Curator: Ian Steward

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