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Can I stay in my old room?

We regret that is not possible due to operational pressures on College Hall accommodation.

Can I stay on Friday night?

If you have a long distance to travel you can apply to stay on Friday night for the price of £25.

I am not so nimble now: can I be accommodated in College Hall?

We will do our best to meet issues of mobility and you should advise us of this on the application form.

However we regret that is not possibleto have a room in College Hall.

Can I choose where I sit at the dinner table?

Throughout the day there will be seating plan displayed in the Rotunda on which you can add your name. Mini-reunions will be allocated blocks of seats. Get there early!

Do I need a security pass?

Yes. Using the car details on your Application Form security passes will be prepared in advance and issued at the Lighter-than-Air Road checkpoint or Guardroom depending on your time of arrival. These times will be published.

Where do I check in?

If you are allocated a room in Daedalus Officers' mess you will first need to go to the Rotunda and check in before going to DOM.

ANNUAL REUNION June 16/17 2018

Under GDPR we can no longer assume that you have given us permission to hold your email contact unless you have notified us to the contrary.

We now have to record the fact that you have positively opted in and you will see that request on the on-line booking form