The Trenchard Memorial Appeal

The Trenchard Memorial Appeal - First sight of the maquette

Members of the Project Team lead by Sir Chris Coville visited the artist chosen to create the statue of Lord Trenchard on 9th April at her studio.

They were able to finalise the terms of the contract and the artist, Viv Mallock, showed the team the early design study of the statue.

The pictures show Sir Chris and Viv with a miniature of the statue and the miniature in more detail.” contact us


Dear Cranwellians,

We are making excellent progress. Our sculptor, Vivien Malloch, together with her husband Ross, attended an internal siting meeting at Cranwell on 6th August. Those present agreed that all things considered, the siting of the statue towards the West Wing of the College would have several advantages, and has been already agreed in principle by an officer of the local authorities. There now starts the complex process leading to Planning Permission. We are very fortunate that Mike Horton and Phil Rodgers, an ex-College Secretary, have kindly agreed to lead in this vital phase of the project.

Shortly, Vivien will be completing the more detailed plans for the statue, including stance, precise uniform, facial expression and the plinth, which we believe should be round and about three feet high. In short, whilst not being complacent about the challenges ahead, the work to deliver the statue is on time and to budget.

On cash, we have collected over £70K, including Grant Aid, with several pledges still to be paid; could I remind those who have committed funds to complete payment as soon as possible. I recognise that this project has some opponents; some we will never convince. However, from what we have seen of Vivien’s previous work, we are confident that we shall leave the College a long-lasting tribute to our Founder. So perhaps those who have yet to support the venture might wish to reconsider?

Lastly, we plan to have the statue delivered in Spring 2020, with the formal unveiling early summer. More to come; as always, follow on the website.

Warm Regards, and thanks for your support,


Sir Christopher Coville


17 August 2018