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Phil Bright

27 March 2019

Reunion Weekend planning meeting at Cranwell.

Tremendous support from Commandant and RAFC project team.

As we once again build toward this prestigious event, a taster for you:

A privilege to have CAS designate, AM Mike Wigston, as Guest of Honour

Officer Cadets and UAS prize-winners will be amongst our guests

BBMF Hurricane will give top cover to the Sunset Ceremony

The Queen’s Colour of The Royal Air Force College will be paraded into church.

Our Chairman, Commandant RAFC, will issue the formal Reunion invitation ( by email ) in late April. Please note that whilst we have now closed the Early Bird list ( otherwise it loses the point ? ), all members can and should respond to the online invitation and booking form.

Sports will be offered to those of you who will wish to demonstrate that skill and experience can overcome youthful enthusiasm !

Golf, Tennis, Clay Shooting and Croquet are on offer this year, dependant on take-up.

Many thanks to those who have stood-up as CA Captains.

Can I please ask you, in advance of the booking procedure, to let me know asap if you would like to take part in any of the sports.

It will help us greatly to know how many cadets need to be rounded-up

Bet wishes to all,


Suggestions / queries to Reunion@rafca.org.uk