1920 - 2020

Commemoration Book

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A proud member of an Association adapting to the future.

Sir Michael Graydon 76A President Cranwellian Association

An astonishing privilege to have been trained at the the College and to have made and retained friendships that have lasted far beyond those three formative years.

Mike Smith 91C

I am fortunate to have been a Flight Cadet, twice blessed by being 89 Entry (1963-1966) and A Sqn. As the "Cranwell Book" at the back of the bar in the Captains Cabin, Haymarket, is long gone, let this serve as my passing on good wishes and fond memories to those who would have smiled reading my scribble.

Roger Creswell 89A

An absolute privilege to be associated with the RAF College Cranwell in some way, even if only from a shorter course - such an incredible aviation and military legacy.

Jamie Apthorp APOC5

Quite simply, Cranwell changed my life. A never to be forgotten experience. I now try to give something back.

Phil Bright  95C

Happy Birthday to the RAF College. Only those who attended know how much it means to be a Cranwellian. It remains in our DNA.

Ian Steward 6GE

95B was the gateway to my nearly 30 years as a Nav in Maritime aviation culminating in my captaincy of the 42 Sqn Nimrod crew which won the Fincastle Trophy in Australia in 1984.

Nick Jone 95B

How lucky I was to be on 95C 1966-1969)  that lerd to a long and enjoyable career as a pilot and QFI. Happy memories.

Steve Griffiths 95C

The grounding I received on 93D at RAFC Cranwell was both memorable and a privilege. It preared me for my 37 years in the Royal Air Force, a career that I now look back on with great pleasure and pride.

Dave Moss 93D

Jock was a member of 46 Entry  B Squadron and the College was central to his RAF years.

Margaret Kennedy

(ACM Sir T. L Kennedy)

Cranwell made a man of me in the early 1950s. When I returned later as a College lecturer and flight commander it provided me with a wonderful wife and our first child. I have now been an Association member for some 66 years and wish my alma mater well for its Centenary, and for the future.

Mike Allisstone 62C

Proud to have joined and graduated with 77A.                                       Mike Turner 77A

Congratulations CHOM & all who served in her. My favorite place for a wonderful dining - in -night.

Tim Pembrey 100D

Education, discipline, flying, friendship and fun ..... all recorded at

Dick Northcote 89D