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ANNUAL REUNION June 15/16 2019

Under GDPR we can no longer assume that you have given us permission to hold your email contact unless you have notified us to the contrary.

We now have to record the fact that you have positively opted in and you will see that request on the on-line booking form

Please note that you must be a member of the Association in order to attend the Reunion Weekend.


Pete Bedford 91D

Tim Elworthy 75B

Ted Erskine-Legget 53A

'Jock' Heron 71B

Fred Hoskins 54C

Maurice Foster 53A

Ian Le Gresley 47

Frank Hilton 91C

Peter Hoskins 95C

Mike Hughes 53C

Danny Jayakody 94C

Tony Kingston 76A

Richard Lilley 84D

Peter Markey 86A

Ali McKay 91D

Brain Meadley 54B

Alan Merriman 53A

Keith Minton  90A

Tim Pembrey 100 D

Julian Stapleton 90D

Tony Stephens 81D

'Tabs Tabernacle  53A

Bill Turnhill 67B

Dai Williams 47B

Tony Woodford 75C