ANNUAL REUNION June 16/17 2018 contact us


Paul Ashmore 100C

Keith Burns 93C

Phil Burton 79A

Alasdair Cambell 82

Steve Chew 84D

Geoff Dryland 89B

'Taff' Edmunds 91B

Wally Epton 87A

Dave Felwick 87B

Alan Ferguson 89

Christopher Ford 101

Jonathan Foster-Pedley 99A

Paddy Gallaugher 93

Martin Green 22GE

Mike Head 80C

Terry Holloway

Fred Hoskins 54C

Nick Ireland 78B

Brian Johnston

Dick Kingston 88

Richard Lilley 84DAlan Macdonald 89D

Derek North 89C

Joe Patrick 75

Mike Phillips 88

Jeremy Price 76B

Rod Sears 95A

Mike Smith 91C

Andrew Spinks 101

Peter Symes 76B

Pete Thompson 88D

Dave Webb 93 C



..and so let's do it all again in 2019!

Early Bird applications for 2019 are now welcome!

"The Cranwellian Association, the direct descendent of the Old Cranwellians, did a superb job with the organisation and with providing incredibly good value at a time when the RAF is struggling with it's finances. A weekend away for £125 including dinner, bed and breakfast with almost as much drink as one can cope with plus pre-dinner entertainment in the shape of a sunset display by the College Band with a Spitfire flypast has to be incredible value - even for some poor old bloke on an Air Marshal's pension! Our thanks go to the Trustees and volunteers of the Cranwell Association for a job well done."

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