Rod Bencke 80

David Donnelley 89

Keith Evans 69

Alan Flewitt

Jon Ford 87

Chris Ford 101

Graham Galbraith 94

Pete Gooding 87

Dave Hall 91

Richard Johnson 87

Pieter Hemsley 95

CAS ACM Sir S. Hillier


17/18 June


We  marked their passing

Peter Bannister 74A

John Boden 56D

John Bishop 54D

Chris Bushe 53A

Mike Dobson 93A

Norman Glass 54C

David Goucher 73B

Jeff Jeffrey (Asst Cmdt)

Paddy King 54B

87 Entry Arrival 12 Sept 1962

Wally Epton

90 Entry Graduation 3 March 1967

Mike Reid

91 Entry Graduation 26 May 1967

Tony Bagnall

Jeff Baker

Pete Bedford

Chris Coville*

Gerry Crombie

Glyn Davies

Dave Fisher

Mike Fonfe

Frank Hilton

Mike Horton

Tim Jenner

Ali McKay

Keith Mans

Mike Smith

Mike Stokes

Chaz Whitaker

96 Entry Arrival 28 March 1967

Colin Baldwin

Peter Bottery

David Bowden

David Evans

Alan Matthews

Bert Neo

David Sefton

Maurice Foster 53

Alan Merriman 53

John Tabernacle 53

Fred Hoskins 54

Brian Meadley 54

Richard Robson 54

Brian Reader 61

Bill Turnill 67

Mike Head 80

Dan Needham 83

Malcolm Wilson 87

Chris Saunby 89

Richard Slogrove 89

Keith Burns 93

Gavin Turnbull 93

Phil Bright 95

Pete Herbertson 101

Dick Taplin 9 GE

Martin Green 22GE

Simon Johnson IOT83

Adrian Burns IOT156 (PMC)

Penny Broadway

Mary Phillips

Terry Holloway

Robin Turner

Lawrence Goodman

Josh Smullen  (Mr Vice)

55 Entry Graduation 9 April 1952

David Atherton

56 Entry Graduation 30 July 1952

Peter Walker

70 Entry Graduation 30 July 1957

Jock Langford

David Scouller

David Symons

71 Entry Graduation 17 Dec 1957

Jock Heron

76 Entry Arrival 9 Jan 1957

Mike Barringer

Patrick Colwell

Ian Dorrett

Mike Graydon

Duncan Herd

Tony Hooper

Chris Horsley

Dick Johns

Martin Johnson

Ben Johnston

Tony KIngston

David Lawrence

Bruce Maden

David Packman

Colin Parkin

Tony Pearson

Tom Porteous

Jeremy Price

Larry Read

Peter Symes

77 Entry Arrival 11 Sept 1957

Peter Browne

Kevan Dearman

Brian Sandford 87A

'Tom' Sawyer 81B

Mike Seyd 82B

Mike Sparrow 91B

Reggie Spiers 48A

Frank Styles 76A

Paul Worthington 47A

Vince Yates 89D

91 Entry Reunion 50 Years since Graduation

96 Entry Reunion 50 Years since Arrival

70 Entry Reunion 60 Years since Graduation

76 Entry Reunion 60 Years since Arrival

54 Entry Reunion

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To live on in the hearts of those we love is not to die