Jerry Pook

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Alan Pollock

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Pete Squire

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Richard Johns

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Mike Graydon

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Track Title

CU Red Arrow insignia on side of plane. SV ditto zoom back to show planes all in a row. SV pilots all in a line: CU Flight Lieutenant Bob M Joy, manager, Flight Lieutenant Ian Brackenbury, engineer written on side of a plane. SV Joy left & Brackenbury. CU Red Arrow ensign on arm sleeve. SV pilot standing by Miss Great Britain Joanna Booth, 18 year old from Leeds sitting on wing of plane. SV pan along pilots to Miss Britain. CU name on plane Squadron Leader Ian Dick MBE AFC. CU Ian Dick. CU name on plane Flight Lieutenant Ken Tait. CU Tait zoom in to his name on overalls. SV Flight Lieutenant Bruce Donnelly. CU name on overalls Flight Lieutenant Ted Girdler, zoom out to Ted. SV zoom into CU of Flight Lieutenant Mike Phillips. CU Flight Lieutenant Dave Binnie. GV name on overalls Flight Lieutenant Roy Somerville pan up to face of Roy. CU name on plane Flight Lieutenant Des Sheen. CU ditto. CU Flight Lieutenant Bob Eccles. CU pilots holding helmets. GV planes with cockpits open, all in line. CU interior cockpit. GV pilots getting settled in planes. BV planes in line. CU British flag on tail of plane pan to jet. CU Rolls Royce plaque on plane. GV engineers closing large window of cockpit on pilots one by one by leaning on them. CU chock being pulled away from wheel. GV engineers running from planes with chocks. LV plane taxiing on runway. LV Red Arrows taking off in formation. LV control tower pan as Red Arrows with coloured smoke from tail doing aerobatics at speed. SV ditto they peel off one by one. SV pan Red Arrows flying in Concorde formation. SV pan 1 plane flying at speed. LV 2 Red Arrows doing aerobatics. LV low flying Red Arrow. SV pan aerobatics by a Red Arrow. SV pan Red Arrows doing aerobatics. SV plane (Red Arrow) on ground taxiing. No air to air shots

To reality......