Flip Book proposal -  3 Volumes?

We are reasonably placed to present a history over the first 50 years ie the Flight Cadet era. After that records are sparse or non-existent. We have good coverage of Journals from 1951-1980 and these are being scanned (a slow process). The College holds journals from 1920 with only a few omissions.

Everything is up for discussion how many volumes, titles,  the contents, our intended audience etc

What we have at present

pdf presentation

100 years timeline of events

The College at work and play

- a social history approach.

A listing of all all those for whom the College is their alma mater.

The format  ie detail needs discussion.


Chapters/sections might include:

History of Barkston Heath

History of Digby


   Past Commandants

   Training Royalty

   The Poachers

   International  Graduates


Sporting Prowess

Visits - Colorado Springs, NATO, BAOR

Survival Courses

Activities & Societies

The College Band

Pages for each year with links to relevant journals and entry web page.

Records of Commandants, Reviewing Officers, changes to training aircraft, significant visitors,  

Flip  presentation

There is so much fascinating history recorded in the Journals.

Take a look in this Spring 1964 edition

which includes a great deal of diary information plus

P. 40 Graduation of 84 Entry

P. 56 Henlow Cranwell Merger

P. 61 Cranwell Past and Present (views from 3 generations)

This material can be published in the relevant volume in a short tease form with a link to the source journal page(s).

We are uniquely placed to mark our Centenary with a digital publication.

Listing 1 Alphabetical

Surname, First Name , Entry and Squadron, School.

Listing 2 Grouped by Entry

Spring 60

Summer 62

Winter 63

Spring 64

Summer 65

Summer 66

January 67

Summer 67

Jan 68