T. E. Lawrence re-entered the RAF in August 1925, he served as Aircraftman T. E. Shaw at the  College until December 1926.

Lawrence was assigned to B Flight, acting as a runner and clerk for the men maintaining the aircraft used to teach the cadets to fly. It was here that a new and happy phase of his life started. He became fulfilled with his role in the RAF, making firm friends among his fellow aircraftmen. This period of relative contentment is reflected in the last few chapters of The Mint, his book about the RAF.

The RAF College is delighted to hold a proof copy of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. This volume has hand annotated corrections in ink and pencil by TE Lawrence and was presented to the College during TE Lawrence's posting to Cranwell as AC2 TE Shaw.

TE Shaw was and officer's steward to the Flight Commander on "B" Flight 1925-1926. His duties included stoking the fire in the office and completing the boss's flying logbook!





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