Equipment and Secretarial Branch cadets were admitted to the College alongside the traditional flight cadets.

Under Training

Mr. Ellis Smith asked the Secretary of State for Air why permission was given for the Blankney hunt ball to be held at Cranwell; and between what hours and by what authority was the college front floodlit.

Mr. P. Noel-Baker Cranwell College was lent to the Blankney Hunt on 7th February, on condition that the Hunt Committee should pay the whole expense. The College front was not floodlit, but lamps connected to mobile generators were used to light up the College drive for half an hour while the guests were arriving, and again for half an hour while they were leaving.

Mr. Ellis Smith On whose authority was the permission given to floodlight the front of this college?

Mr. Noel-Baker The decision was made by the air-officer commanding

Mr. Ellis Smith Had he been an ordinary man, disciplinary action would have been taken. Can my right hon. Friend say whether such action will be taken against this man?

Mr. Noel-Baker I think that my hon. Friend is mistaken about dates. This was 7th February, the date on which the cuts were announced, but before they came into force.

Mr. Ellis Smith Was not the serious position which we were then in well known?

Mr. Noel-Baker The announcement was made at four o'clock that afternoon; this happened at eight o'clock.

Mr. Anthony Greenwood Will my right hon. Friend assure the House that the same facilities would be granted to the Agricultural Workers' Union for a rally?

Mr. Noel-Baker Yes, Sir, I would consider that with the utmost sympathy.

Hansard 19 March 1947