Graduation Reviewing Officer     




Pilot training commenced in the third term with 54 Entry  the first to fly the brand new Percival Prentice.

After 3 terms (one year) pilots moved on to the more powerful and exciting Harvard shown on a formation training flight.


Alderson Michael (D)

Birchall Roger (D)

Bushe Christopher (A)

Campbell Malcolm (D)

Clayton Christopher (B)

Coleman Roy (A)

Corner Michael (B)

Cornish Alexander (B)

Davis Kenneth (B)

Durrant Douglas (C)

English Desmond (C)

Erskine-Legget ()

Foster Maurice (B)

Harcourt Charles (B)

Hinde Ian (A)

Hobday (B)

Hughes Mike (C)

Jolly Donald (C)

King Michael (C)

Legget Edward (A)

Mackinnon Alistair (A)

Martin Alan (D)

Mason Norman (D)

Merriman Alan (A)

Pearson Michael (D)

Polgreen Richard (A)

Schwaiger Imre (C)

Simmons Ivor (A)

Smith Keith (B)

Spry Bernard (D)

Stevens Ivor (D)

Tabernacle John (A)

Tapster (D)

Thomson John (D)

Wills John (C)

Wirdnam (A)

The weekly ritual of the A Squadron members polishing their accommodation in the barrack block we lived in for the first 2 terms of 3 months each, getting it ready for the demanding inspection on Saturday mornings. It had to be kept spotlessly clean or there would be extra drill penalties. Note the felt pads under the feet of everybody. They were essential items for keeping the wooden floor gleaming at all times.


Taken on the South Airfield with some 53 Entry cadets and the instructor pilot kitted out for the weekly flight in the Anson for navigation training. This was the only flying experienced for the first 2 terms.

A Squadron members celebrating with a couple of instructors at the graduation party.

53 Entry        5 January 1949 - 1 August 1951

June 1951

November 1951

AVM G. R Beamish CB CBE,   AVM LF Sinclair GC CB CBE DSO  

HRH The Princess Elizabeth Duchess of Edinburgh