Graduation Reviewing Officer     



Blockey  John (A)

Chaplin Anthony  (A)

Cliff Patrick  (A)

Cohu Jeremy  (C)

Cottingham  Tony (B)

Coulcher Colin (B)

Delap Timothy (C)

Gibson  Alexander 1B)

Harrington Mike (B)

Heron  John  (B)

Ingoldby Anthony (C)

Kerr Robert (C)

Le Brocq Richard (C)

Martin Peter (A)

Nance Edward (B)

Nelson Robert  (C)

Ploszek Henryk  (B)

Ryan  Michael  (B)

Scott David  (C)

Scullard  John  (A)

Steel  Noel  (C)

Stoker William  (B)

Tiffin Alan  A)

Williams Graham  (B)

Youd Norman (A)

Back: T. H. F. Delap, N. G. Steel, N. B. Youd, P. J. Cliff, J. D. Heron, E. J. Nance, M. A. F. Ryan

Middle:  J. A. Tiffen, D. H. Scott, A. J. Gibson, J. H. Scullard, C. P. J. Coulcher, M. V. P. Harrington, G. C. Williams, G. C. Kerr, M. R. Ploszek

Front: A. J.  Chaplin, J. W. Blockey, J. J. R. Cohu, R. H. B. Le Brocq, P. S. Martin, A. S. Cottingham, W. I. C. Stoker, A. P. Ingoldby, R. B. Nelson

71 Entry - Arrived Jan 55 - 36 souls. Graduated Dec 57 - 25 souls, one lost in a Vampire

Trained on Piston Provost flying from Cranwell North airfield, later Barkston Heath with Spitalgate as satellite and Vampire T11 and FB9 flying from Cranwell South airfield with circuits at Fulbeck and occasionally Swinderby.

Graduated to fly Hunter, Canberra, Valiant, Victor, Vulcan.

Achievements - 1 x AVM, 5 x Gp Capts, 2 x OBEs, 1 x DFC, 3 x AFCs;

A sort of "unexceptional" entry but eight served on exchange duties with the USAF, including one who ruined the RAF's safety record with the USAF by ejecting twice from Phantoms.

Notable events –

One flew a Harrier in Transatlantic air race, earning a Harmon Trophy

Another was CO of the Strikemaster operation in Oman at the dramatic relief of Mirbat fort, awarded an Omani decoration.

July 2015 -  .

Tony Cottingham July 2015

71 Entry Cranwellian Weekend July 2015    16 survivors of whom 13 attended

Barry Nelson, Noel Steel, John Scullard (behind), Derek Gibson, John Blockey, Henryk Ploszek (behind)

Tony Chaplin, Graham Williams, Tony Cottingham, Jock/John Heron, Mick Ryan, Tim Delap, Mike Harrington.

Tony Cottingham, Mike Harrington, John 'Jock'  Heron,  Colin Coulcher, Ted Nance, Graham Coates, Henryk Plozek

'Jock' Heron

A group of 71 B

with a Vampire FB9

William Stoker